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As a school we believe that education is a partnership between school and home. 

In order to grow and develop our practices to ensure that we address our young people’s needs, talents and aspirations, often in the context of highly complex circumstances, we actively try to involve parents or carers their young person’s learning at every stage. 

We will keep parents/carers informed about their child’s progress informally and through contributions to the review reports in the review meetings.  Parents and carers are welcome to contact the school staff at any other time to talk about any worries or concerns that they may have.  

Here is what some of our parents have said about Becton:

“This school has been amazing for Harrison, he has really grown in confidence and has become so much calmer! Thank you so much for making sure Harrison’s experience at the Becton School has been so positive.”


“Corey is a different person since he started this school. Staff and Peers are supportive. Corey us a much more confident young man, wanting to learn. So lucky to have found you!”


“We are pleased that Ruby has been able to access education whilst being an inpatient. Thank you for supporting her over this difficult period of her life.”


“My son is so happy in school he has asked me if he can stay with you forever! He also said that he really likes the way that no one pressurizes him to do his work which means he feels more comfortable to do the work.”