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Working together to safeguard children

Important Information

For Mothers, Fathers and/or Carers

Working Together to Safeguard Children

BECTON SCHOOL is committed to helping all students to do well

Important information for you and your child

The Children Act 2004 introduced new ways to help and support children, young people and their families. 

These processes include:

  • Information Sharing
  • Common Assessment Framework     
  • Multi-agency Working 

Information Sharing

It is usual practice for workers supporting your child to talk to each other and share relevant information.   We will also talk to you about your child so that we can all work together.   Government guidelines state that agencies need to work together better and identify support needed at the earliest stage possible.   This should help to organise support much sooner for your child.  If different agencies are working with your child, it makes sense for them to talk to each other.  If you are worried about this or want to know more, please talk to us.

What Becton School expects from you as a mother/father/carer

Please tell us if:

  • There is anything in your child’s life that we need to know.  Things that happen outside school can affect your child while they’re with us. Please talk to us – we might be able to help.
  • There is a reason why your child is not attending by ringing the school on 0114 3053121 (Becton), 2557679 (Kenwood) 2582140 (Moncrieffe)   on the first day of absence.
  • Your child no longer needs his/her school place. 

What YOU can expect from Becton School

  • A safe, good quality learning environment operating under Safeguarding Children legislation & Ofsted regulations
  • While your child is with us, we will take good care of them and talk to you about anything important that we observe
  • Regular, efficient and accurate record keeping
  • If your child transfers to another nursery or school, we will share any information with them that will help to support your child’s move
  • Contact from us when your child hasn’t attended and you have not let us know the reason for their absence
  • Prompt action to any problem you tell us about

Support and assistance from staff when needed

Family Common Assessment Framework

This is a process (adapted in Sheffield) that helps to identify any support needs your child and your family may have and includes your thoughts and ideas.

This information can also be shared with others working with your child(ren) to save you explaining things over and over again. 

It will usually involve one or two meetings with you to complete a Family Common Assessment. 

We will discuss with you:

  • Your child(ren)’s individual circumstances and what support they might need.
  • Other issues or concerns within your family that you may need support with.

Ask staff at Becton School to show you a Family Common Assessment form and leaflet so you can see what it involves.

Multi-agency Working

If different agencies are working with you it’s sometimes useful for you all to meet so that support for your child can be agreed.

The meeting can take place at a time and place that is convenient and comfortable for you.

This way everyone can keep up to date, hear your views and work together better, keeping the focus on your child’s needs.

Sometimes a worker will agree to co-ordinate the support for your child – this is called the ‘Lead Professional’ role.

Let’s work together!

If any mother, father or carer has any concern about the safety of any child in school, there are people who can help.

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Sarah Robinson
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Gary Smith 0114 3053121/2557679

Further information/guidance can be found at: