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It can be a very stressful time for you to come to Becton and attend a new school, even for a short time. Our school recognises that it may be difficult to settle in at first and all our teachers are experienced at helping you to enjoy our school and get the most of the time you spend with us.

The class groups are very small and you will be with one teacher for most of your timetable. We also have  teaching assistants who can work with you on a one to one basis. If you have looked through the web pages you will see some of the lovely activities and work that our pupils have produced and get a feel of the subjects we offer. Unlike most units across the country we have teachers with a broad knowledge of most curriculum subjects at Key stage 3, 4 and post sixteen  and we try to support  work that you will have been following in mainstream school.

If you have been coping at school and wish to continue  with your course work, our Pupil Support Worker, will contact the relevant staff in your school and arrange for work to be sent in. Sometimes your parents can also set this up if you live outside of Sheffield.

Although we are relaxed in school, and staff are called by their first names, we do have high expectations of our pupils. We generally have a calm atmosphere in school so that the majority of pupils can work and we offer a lot of support to help those who need it.

The school staff will listen to pupils and respect their opinions and in return we hope that you will be considerate to others in the school.

Your teacher will be part of the mini team  who is responsible for your care. He/she will try to attend all meetings relating to your care and will be involved in your day to day progress. If you have any worries about school or the unit they will be very willing to help you sort out any issues.

We hope you will be happy whilst you attend our school, for most of you it will be  a stepping stone to getting back to school, college or a training placement. and getting on with your life. We wish you luck with this journey!