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1-1, Remote and Bedside Teaching

Becton School teach pupils 1-1 at both Sheffield Children's Hospital and in some cases at Chapel House.

All 1-1 lessons are bespoke and tailored to meet the individual needs of the pupil.

We work with the pupil's home school to identify any gaps in learning that may have occurred due to illness and absence from school, or any areas of need. We will then work with the pupil, their family, medical staff and home school to support the continuation of learning to try to prevent any future gaps, and to address any needs identified. We are led by the medical staff and follow their guidance to ensure that our educational offer is appropriate and suited to the pupil's current health and medical needs.

Most pupils are offered one session per day, but this may change according to medical needs. We have specialist Primary, SEND, English, Maths, and Science teachers in both our Hospital and Outreach teams. We also deliver non-specialist lessons as supported by the pupil's main school. At Sheffield Children's Hospital we also have a STEM teacher on the team.

Children and young people with SEND and PMLD are offered appropriate teaching and educational support at all key stages.

The national curriculum subject offer is further supported and complemented by our enrichment programme which is designed to help pupils develop new skills, broaden their horizons and encourage personal and social development.

Some KS1 and KS2 pupils who are on Outreach may be offered an AV1 robot package. Details of this provision can be viewed here

Some examples of bespoke plans can be viewed below.

KS1 (Year 2) Sample Week

Subject Outcomes

English - Reading


  • To read aloud Goldilocks and the Three Bears, applying phonic knowledge to sound out unfamiliar words ·
  • To become familiar with a traditional tale
English - writing
  • To write simple question sentences using accurate punctuatio
  • To compare and order sizes and record results using ˂ and ˃
Design and Technology
  • To select from and use a range of materials, according to their characteristics, to make a chair for Baby Bear
  • To make porridge for Baby Bear observing changes closely

KS2 (Year 5) Sample Week


English - Reading

  • To retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction texts relating to the solar system
English - Writing
  • To plan a fact file for a chosen planet, noting and developing initial ideas, drawing on reading and research
  • To use organisational and presentational devices to produce a fact file
  • To complete a table showing mathematical information about planets
  • To describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system
  • To develop art and design techniques by learning how to use marbling paint effect to make 2-D planets

KS3 (Year 7) Sample Week

Subject Outcomes

English - Reading

  • To develop an appreciation and love of reading, using increasingly challenging material (The Highwayman)
  • To evaluate the poetic effect of conventions used in the text
English - Writing
  • To write a play script for a section of The Highwayman
  • To identify properties of, and describe the results of, translation, rotation and reflections
  • To be able to name the reactions, and products of, photosynthesis
  • To be able to give a word summary for photosynthesis
Art and Design
  • To analyse and evaluate the techniques used in the graphics of The Highwayman
  • To apply these techniques to a piece of art work of their own

KS4 (Year 10) Sample Week

Subject Outcomes

English  - Reading

  • To share reading of Macbeth, Act 1 Scene 1 
  • To produce a comic strip style summary of the plot of Act 1 Scene 1
English - Writing 
  • To build on their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary through studying their effectiveness and impact in Macbeth Act 1 Scene 1 
  • To learn to factorise quadratic expressions of the form x² + bx + c
  • To be able to balance chemical equations, ionic equations and state symbols
  • To write a short text, using simple sentences and familiar language accurately to convey meaning