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Meet the team

James Gibson

•James is our Executive Head
•Becton is a Hospital school that supports children with a variety of medical conditions, mental health needs and special educational needs. Three of these sites works specifically with pupils with SEMH one of which also has pupils with a dual diagnosis of ASD.
•Before this James was Deputy Head of Sheffield’s Pupil referral unit and he also worked for 11 years in secondary mainstream education.
•Supported by James’ leadership at Becton, we became the first school in south Yorkshire to achieve the Leeds Becket Carnegie Gold award for Mental Health and Wellbeing.
•Engaging with senior education leaders has been a focus of James’ work as it is through cooperation, understanding and co-produced action plans that lead to organisational change on a strategic level.
•James is a director for the National Association of Hospital Education and has organised both local and national conferences that have focused on improving mental health support from a strategic national level. James is also a member of the DfE’s Headteacher Round table group.
•Locally he has worked with Sheffield City Council to renovate Chapel House into a new mental health resource for the city and support pupils who are too ill to attend school. This provision has the capacity to work with over one hundred pupils who are out of education due to their health needs.
•Before this he has liaised with a variety of stakeholders including mainstream schools, the educational psychology service, parents and local authority officers to introduce nurture provision for pupils who were at risk of permanent exclusion due to attachment and trauma issues.

Mel Kilner

•Mel is the Head of School for Hospital Education
•Mel is responsible for the 3 Hospital Education Sites; Becton, Chapel House and Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The Becton site is based within the Becton Centre for Children and Young People, a residential Tier 4 CAMHs unit. The pupils here have complex and chronic mental health issues and are based in one of the four lodges. Amber Lodge is an assessment unit for KS1 and 2 pupils to diagnose their mental health difficulty. Ruby Lodge is also an assessment unit for pupils of all ages, who also have additional SEND needs. Emerald Lodge and Sapphire Lodge are general mental health wards and support pupils in recovering from their complex and chronic conditions in Key Stages 1-5.   At Sheffield Children’s Hospital, teaching is offered to all school age children from age 5 - 16 who are in hospital for more than three days. The medical needs here vary greatly, from pupils who have suffered an acquired brain injury, or have regular admissions due to cystic Fibrosis to those who are receiving treatment for Cancer. Due to the pandemic all teaching on this site is carried out 1:1. Chapel House is a specialised provision, commissioned under Service Level Agreement by Sheffield City Council, to support children and families with medical needs who are judged too unwell by medical professionals to attend their named school or other provision. Teaching is offered to all school age children from 5 to 16 and they are taught in the most appropriate way whether that be 1:1 in their own home or within a group at Chapel House.
•Mel is responsible for the Quality of Education at Becton. The intent of the curriculum varies across the different sites within the school but follows the same principal at its core; to support Young People to prepare for the successful transition to the next stage of their life. Every Young Person is recognised as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome differences within our school community.
•Mel has developed and implemented the Becton Non-Academic Progress and Wellbeing tool which we use across the different sites of Becton to monitor our pupil’s progress. The tracker has helped us to identify any strengths and weaknesses in our cohort and to implement any appropriate interventions to address need.
•Before this, Mel has 18 years’ experience working in mainstream secondary schools.
•Mel has experience as an Assistant Principal responsible for Behaviour and SEND. Mel has also undertaken the role of Assistant SENCO and Head of Year.
•Mel has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Karon Ransom

•Karon is our Assistant Head responsible for Personal Development
•Karon has worked in almost every role in education. Karon started as a Teaching Assistant at Becton in 1996 then completed her training as a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant.  Karon has also worked as a Leaning Mentor. Karon then undertook her teacher training and has developed a specialism in PSHE and Resilience. Karon is a qualified SENCO and worked across our sites as SENCO before her appointment as Assistant Headteacher.
•Karon has been an integral part of Becton throughout its growth from the early days of the provision at Oakwood and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, to the creation of the Hospital Home and Outreach Service and the Kenwood Centre (our Specialist provision for pupils with communication and interaction needs and anxiety. A place at Kenwood is accessed through an EHCP. Karon has worked on all of our sites and with all of our cohorts. She has a wealth of knowledge about how best to support young people with mental health and wellbeing needs in both mainstream and specialist settings.
•Throughout her career at Becton, Karon has developed a resilience course that we offer to all our young people. The course is hugely effective in helping young people recognise their strengths and build their resilience. Karon has helped roll out the course at other provisions and is a keynote speaker at Hospital Education conferences, sharing best practice.
•Karon has supported schools in Sheffield with a variety of issues that they had regarding mental health and wellbeing; from supporting them to write effective behaviour support plans or Individual Health plans, to advising on how to support young people in school who have specific mental health diagnoses.
•Karon’s role of Assistant SENCO means that she has responsibility for leading our Becton site and has whole school responsibility for data.
•Karon has supported hundreds of young people to transition back to their mainstream provision following an inpatient admission or following a period at our Hospital, Home and Outreach service.

Jenny Hair

•Jenny is our Assistant Head responsible for Personal Development at Kenwood 
•A teacher and senior leader in hospital and special school settings for 12 years, Jenny has had a keen interest in how psychological theory and practice in relation to mental health applies in education settings.  Previously a mainstream Science teacher in different types of school she has experience of working with pupils in large groups, small groups and 1:1. 
•As part of a multi-disciplinary team Jenny has had access to weekly team supervision, weekly ward round discussion, chairing and attending multi-disciplinary team reviews with families and children and been invited to work as part of the reflecting team in family therapy clinics. 
•In addition, Jenny has completed and led Art Therapy placements for trainee Art Therapists and continuously developed my knowledge and skills through effective Continuous Professional Development. 
•Jenny has completed NHS and CAMHS training in a wide range of needs including Deliberate Self-Harm, Working with children with Eating Disorders, ADHD and Youth Offending and Autism.  Jenny has supplemented her practice with further study with the University of Essex and the Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy (NSCAP) earning a PG Cert. in Working with Adolescents: A Psychoanalytic Observational Approach.   
•Other relevant experiences which have informed her work with children and families are a 10 week introduction to Systemic Family Therapy, group relations conferences addressing the unconscious aspects of organisational life and the opportunity to work closely with allied health professionals for a number of years. 
•Through learning from other disciplines and inhabiting and education framework it has been possible  for Jenny to develop and explore the ideas and concepts which link mental health and education.  

Sarah Robinson

•Sarah is our Pastoral Manager and DSL at Kenwood 
•Sarah began working at Shirle Hill, which was the primary 5-day inpatient unit in 1993 as a TA. in 1998 she completed her Advanced Diploma in Childcare and Education. She then qualified as a HLTA in 2008.
•Sarah went on to become a Learning mentor and DDSL when the service became a day patient and outreach provision and moved to join the team at the Becton Centre and the primary provision became Amber Lodge in 2010.
•Sarah went on to complete the Introduction to family Therapy course and qualified to deliver Theraplay.
•Sarah worked as part of the Outreach MDT and supported Family therapy evenings, delivered group Theraplay sessions as well as carrying out school liaison and observations.
•Becton school then took on the Hospital and Outreach team. Sarah came a Senior Learning mentor and managed and led the Learning mentor team for Sheffield Childrens Hospital and the Outreach team. 
•Sarah joined the Senior Leadership Team in 2017 as Pastoral Manager where she helped develop a new Learning Mentor Team at the Becton Center and Kenwood Centre.
•In 2020 Sarah became DSL/ Senior leader for Safeguarding and Pastoral Care, Managing a Learning Mentor team of 12 across 4 sites. The team was developed further and 3 Senior Learning Mentors were appointed.