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Emerald and Sapphire Lodge Curriculum

Becton School will provide relevant teaching in line with the National Curriculum for pupils appropriate to both their emotional and educational situation. The curriculum is delivered by highly experienced and qualified teachers who are supported by a team of Teaching Assistants, Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Learning Mentors; this enables us to offer a high level of support to the young people.

Upon admission, information will be sought from the young person’s mainstream placement regarding the prior attainment, attendance and targets. Education and Healthcare Plans and Individual Education Plans will be requested where in place. It is essential that all involved parties work in partnership in order to provide the best continuity of education and support for each pupil.

Each young person has a personalised individual learning programme designed in conjunction with them in order to address their academic needs whilst supporting their social and emotional wellbeing.

The school is a registered centre for GCSE examinations and young people have the opportunity to continue their GCSE's and A Levels during their admission.  Becton also offers a number of alternative accredited courses.  These include:

  • Functional skills in English, Maths and ICT
  • Virtual  College On line Qualifications
  • The Bronze Arts Award

A-level taster courses are also available for young people who cannot continue with their current A level studies.

Social, Moral and Spiritual Education

The school functions within a community which provides a framework for adolescents to explore social, moral and cultural issues.  For most of the pupils who attend Becton, life experiences may have rendered them increasingly isolated both at home and school.  It is within this context that the pupils at Becton are given the structure to look at issues pertaining to themselves, their family and friends, and the wider community

Special Educational Needs and Disability

The school is committed to meeting the educational needs of all pupils and children in our care. Therefore the special educational needs of each individual are taken into consideration in the planning and differentiation of the curriculum, with due regard to existing Education, Health and Care Plans and any subsequent IEPs. If you have any specific issues about your child’s learning, please contact Mr. Mark Connaughton , SENCO.  A full version of the schools’ Special Educational Needs and Disabilities policy is available in the Policy section of the website or a written version is available on request.

CEIAG - Careers Education Information advice and Guidance

The Becton School curriculum has a rolling programme that contains elements of the Gatsby Benchmark.  This involves session around ‘Enterprise’, progression routes, personal development, career research and presentation skills. In addition all pupils who are at a stage in their education where they may make a transition from school to college or sixth form have an individual session with the school’s personal adviser.  This is used to assess the need for further specific individual information, advice and guidance.

If you have any enquiries regarding your child’s access to CEIAG, or require individual additional advice regarding progression routes, please contact Adrian Gregory at Becton School or David Smith, the careers adviser from Sheffield Futures linked to Becton. You can contact David on or via Adrian at Becton