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Data and Performance

How we measure progress at Becton

Becton work collaboratively with many different partner organisations to ensure that we are working as effectively as we can in supporting our young people. Like all schools we use data to track the progress of our young people. Progress is measured on a lesson-by-lesson, objective-by-objective basis. Due to the nature of the young people in our different cohorts, we believe that this is a more accurate way of recording progress rather than in a traditional, linear way.

National Association for Hospital Education

One of the organisations that we are part of is the NAHE. The National Association for Hospital Education is an organisation that supports professionals working in hospital education. This could be within a hospital school, medical PRU, CAMHS inpatient unit or as part of an outreach service such as home tuition. In fact, anyone who works with children and young people who are unable to attend school due to physical and / or mental health difficulties. Becton is part of a NAHE Peer review working with colleagues from Bristol, Cornwall/Devon and Northampton.

Data Pioneers

Becton is also part of the Data Pioneers project. This  is a national Data Pioneer tracking sharing project for PRUs & Alternative Provisions to allow effective benchmarking for the 1st time. 

Department for Education performance tables

To view performance data for Becton, click here

For more information regarding data at Becton please contact Mel Kilner at