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Book Review

Have you been reading lots of books while at home? If so then Ally and
Helen would love it if you would write us a book review. There are a few
different templates to give you an idea of the things you can include in
your review. You can use one of these templates or design your own.

Tell us why you liked or didn’t like the story? Any favourite characters or
scenes? You could even get creative and tell us if there is any way you
would have changed the story at any point? Give it a star rating out of 5
too so others can see how much you enjoyed it.
You could even design your own book cover which we could add to the
Instagram page.

If you email your review to Ally: for your
English folders. Group 3 can email to Jancy: instead of Ally.
And to Helen: and I will put them into a
folder of book reviews so other students can see which books might be
worth a read.