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Becton School Committee Structure

Committee Structure 2015-2016

Chair                                                                 Dr Samantha Watson

Vice Chair                                                      Mrs Sue Kreit

Link Governors:

Safeguarding                                               Jurgen Morton-Hall

Health and Safety                                      Peter Joynston

SEN                                                                     Sam Watson

Becton  Emerald and Sapphire           David Poulsom

Becton Ruby and Amber                        Dianne Joynston

Kenwood                                                         Geoff Lawrence

Sheffield Children’s Hospital              Jurgen Morton-Hall

Sheaf                                                                  Peter Joynston

Standards and Outcomes Committee

Finance and Resources Committee

Parent and Pupil Committee

David Poulsom

Dr Sam Watson (Chair)

Geoff Lawrence

Peter Joynston

Dianne Joynston

Sacha Schofield

Julie Edmonds

David Poulsom

Jurgen Morton-Hall

Peter Joynston

Sacha Schofield



Sue Kreit (Vice Chair)

Dianne Joynston

Joanne Pearce

Mark Connaughton

Sacha Schofield

David Caborn