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Admissions Policy


Becton School and the Sheffield Children’s Hospital

The Sheffield Children’s Hospital and The Becton Centre follow the same principle which is to reduce the detrimental effect of illness whether physical or mental on the education of sick children and young people. Admission is outside the control of Becton School and The Sheffield Child’s Teaching Team as we are guided by the medical referring bodies.

At the point of admission pupils will:

  • Be aged 5-18 years in Becton
  • Be aged 5-16 years in Sheffield Children’s Hospital
  • Be a resident of the United Kingdom (UK
  • Be a resident in a country other than the UK where permission has been sought to educate that pupi
  • Be present in Sheffield Children’s Hospital  for a period of 3 school days or more or be a frequently recurrent patient

On admission, an educational programme will be agreed after liaison with the “home” school. The educational progress of pupils will be reviewed and reported to the parents/carers at least termly.

Kenwood House and Moncrieffe House

Kenwood House provides education for pupils with and Autism Spectrum Diagnosis who have a history of being unable to attend school.

At the point of admission pupils will:

Be of secondary school age

  • Have a diagnosis of ASD
  • Have an Education Health and Care Plan or Statement
  • Have had input from CAMHS/Ryegate

Outreach Provision:

The Outreach Team provides:

  • Education for those children 5-16 unable to attend their normal place of education and require to be educated at elsewhere because of illness
  • Support for pupils re-integrating into school after a period of illness

Pupils are referred directly for Outreach Teaching by a hospital or community consultants. Pupils will have access to a continuum of provision from individual support to reintegrate to small group education at Chapel House depending on medical advice. Alongside the pupils' home schools we aim to provide as much education as the pupils are medically deemed fit enough to access.

At the point of admission pupils will be a resident in Sheffield
The Outreach Team also provide educational provision for pregnant school-girls and school-aged mothers for up to 18 weeks.