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Admissions - Kenwood

Kenwood Centre

Kenwood Centre provides education for pupils with and Autism Spectrum Diagnosis who have a history of being unable to attend school.  The Kenwood Centre offers placements to students who have a statement of special needs or an Education and Health Care Plan (EHC). The school caters for students  who:

  • are of secondary school age,
  • have a diagnosis of ASD,
  • have had or are receiving input from CAMHS/Ryegate
  • experience significant anxiety or associated mental health issues due to their ASD

Interested parents/carers are welcome to contact the school and speak to James Gibson the Headteacher. The centre accommodates parental/carer visits through an appointments system. Please ring the centre on 0114 2557679 if you wish to visit.

The Local Authority approve and organise placement of students to the Kenwood Centre and you are encouraged to speak with them over issues related to the possibility of placement or a change of placement. The SEN team would be a first point of enquiry and can be contacted on 0114 2735679.